Literary Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's ' The Worst Of The Classic '

Literary Analysis Of Nathaniel Hawthorne 's ' The Worst Of The Classic '

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True literary success is a extraordinary rarity. If an author’s work does not consistently appeal to and appraise the continued plight of the average man through time, it cannot be considered a true classic. Nathaniel Hawthorne exemplifies an author bestowed underserved popularity and success perpetuated solely by that popularity. Examining both his work and his lifestyle brings to light a dull drive for obsolete accomplishments. While his plotlines can be considered classic, his style portrays an overzealous attempt at sophistication. Hawthorne’s desire to be considered a great writer takes away from the raw content of his works, and leaves the text dry and dull. His work is no longer relevant to a broad audience, further depreciating the quality of his texts. It is because of Hawthorne’s misguided need for popularity, poor syntax quality, and lack of contemporary application that makes Nathaniel Hawthorne the worst of the classic authors.
To begin, Hawthorne’s works possess an ever present and overwhelming attempt at sophistication and meaning, drastically taking away any literary value. Susan Cheever states that, even towards the end of his career, Hawthorne held professional desire, yet reflected a desolate outlook and showed little ambition (181-183). Others went so far as to describe his early work as overwhelmingly competent, and explained the excessive use of imagery and context to describe a situation (Hostetler 221). Hawthorne’s flowery metaphor takes away from the meaning. His desire to succeed through flowery language resulted in a disregard for relevance. A mistake often made by unseasoned authors is overtly gaudy text, which prevails throughout Hawthorne’s work. When writing in the creative setting it is sugg...

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...’s messages and conflicts are no longer commonplace, and thus the entire context of his literature is obsolete (Martin 242). Hathorne’s only place in modern literature is due his coincidental historical success.
Therefore, it can safely be concluded that revere for Nathaniel Hawthorne is largely misplaced. His style is wordy, and filled with unnecessary explanations. His poor use of metaphors leads to misunderstanding, taking away from literary meaning. Glaring examples of vain attempts at elegance appear throughout Hawthorne’s works. Because of his narrow subject base and devoted focus to negligible topics, Hathorne is no longer relevant to contemporary reader bases. Of the classic authors Nathaniel Hawthorne’s works are the poorest of quality because of the nature of his overzealous composure, uninterested writing style, and contemporary insignificance.

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