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Literary Analysis Of Jane Eyre ' Essay

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Literary Analysis: Jane Eyre
Is Jane Eyre realistic? Jane Eyre was written in 1847 by Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre is a young girl who lived with her aunt and uncle at Gateswood. After Jane 's uncle had died, her aunt sent her to Lowood, a boarding school for orphaned girls. While Jane was there, she was treated cruelly, but she became an intelligent young woman. While advertising for a governess job, Jane was hired by Mrs. Fairfax at Thornfield where she would be a governess and work for Edward Rochester a very wealthy man. After been working there, Jane receives news that her aunt is not doing well and wants to see her, so Jane goes and stays with her aunt until she passes. After Jane returns to Thornfield, and time passes, Jane and Edward start to develop feelings for one another. They plan to get married, until Jane finds out that Edward is already married. That night, Jane runs away and ends up at Moore House where she lies about her identity and says she doesn’t remember anything that happened to her, but Singent ST. Rivers finds out everything about her and realizes that they are cousins. Jane 's uncle leaves her with an abundance of money, after he passes, but she gives most of it away and goes back to Edward Rochester. Jane Eyre is a realistic love story because there are complications in the relationship, it is true love, and neither of them are perfectly appealing.
With every relationship comes many complications, but it takes two people who have real love for each other to overcome any obstacle standing in the way. Edward wanted Jane to have feelings for him, but she did not when she first started working for him. Jane believed that beauty was found within the individual and not what was seen on the outside. This cau...

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...eryone wants but usually does not get. Jane did not find Edward attractive, but that did not matter because she believed that beauty comes from within. Love consists of two people that share a strong emotional bond with one another without worrying about what is seen on the outside.
Jane and Edward has an unusual love story. Jane Eyre is a realistic love story, based on the fact that true love is involved, neither Jane or Edward are appealing individuals, and complications arise in the relationship. If one was talking about a fairytale, then the characters would be handsome, pretty, attractive, and perfect. Fairytales are what individuals want their life to be like, even though in reality that is not what will happen. Jane and Edward face obstacles that are realistic and can happen in the everyday life of a couple. Nothing is ever impossible when it comes to love.

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