Literary Analysis : ' Desiree 's Baby ' And Fiction Written By Great Authors Like Chopin

Literary Analysis : ' Desiree 's Baby ' And Fiction Written By Great Authors Like Chopin

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While studying some of the short stories, poems and fiction written by great authors like Chopin, Twain and Dreiser it really opened up my mind to how they perceived the world and what they had established in their time. It was interesting to read and hear the stories by great authors because I have always heard of them, but never took it u pon myself to read what they had to say. Reading stories like “Desiree’s Baby” or “The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg” opened me up to some of their great pieces of work and aroused my curiosity by wanting to read more of their pieces of literature. I thought “Desiree’s Baby” and “Hadleyburg” were incredible and had an awesome story to tell in which I could relate to them. Through the readings in class, I have discovered there are several different styles of writing that occurred around the time period we are studying. Realism, regionalism and naturalism with each having its very own unique style in point of view and dialect being used to tell the story.
With each style we were asked to choose a theme that seemed to occur with each type of work. At first, I thought this was going to be difficult considering they all have their own ways and unique twist. Then after some thought, I put it together to realize they all have a familiar theme with people being cynical and self-fulfilling. The readings show people tend to be completely opposite behind closed doors, then in public or to put it more vaguely two-faced. There were plenty of examples in the stories we were asked to read that showed multiple different sides of people. People tend to act and portray themselves differently around outsiders then what they’re really like at home or towards their loved ones. For example in the reading “The M...

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...s was in the readings we were assigned to read.
In conclusion, it has been awesome and very eye opening being able to study the three main types of literary writing styles. I myself like to think I view and agree with the realist/regionalist because I like to believe that we all have a choice and we do have some control of society. Although, I have to say after listening to my American Lit teacher and his thoughts and views about our modern day society it lives me with a foul taste in my mouth that maybe we don’t have as much choice as I thought. Is the world that cynical? Do we really have control of anything in life? Or it is all predetermined and we are just here surviving? Either way it has been fun getting to hear the views of other people and understanding a different style of thought, different worlds at work through the works of Twain, Chopin and James.

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