Essay The Literacy Support Services Available At River Community College

Essay The Literacy Support Services Available At River Community College

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The purpose of this six-week study was to determine with what frequency and consistency do students and professors use the literacy support services available at River Community College. The research was conducted through interviews, surveys, student artifacts of learning strategies, and Blackboard student records. These collective methods were designed to answer the following sub-questions, “What types of support and resources are available?”, “What knowledge do students and professors have of the available literacy support systems?”, “ What are the professor referral rates to the Early Alert System?”, and “What are the barriers to effective use of these services by professors and students?”.
To encourage students to participate in the two student surveys, Literacy Support and Strategies and Starfish Early Alert and Blackboard, they could earn bonus points for showing me a print out or screen shot of the survey thanking them for participating. Bonus points were also given for participating in the voluntary reading study guide posted on the course’s Blackboard. The students were required to use the writing support strategy forms of a main point outline and a peer edit activity. In order to promote a comfortable sense of use, the professor surveys were conducted anonymously on-line. However, this mode made rewarding participants impossible. This resulted in a data limitation problem. Only 10 professors of approximately 50, responded to the first online survey. When only 2 people responded to the second survey, I put paper copies of it into the physical mailboxes in the departments offices; I received only 3 more responses, for a total of 5. The student and professor surveys revealed that they knew about, and us...

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...r & Theado, 2014; Beers, et al., 2007; Froelich & Puig, 2011). Revealing the data that demonstrated Blackboard use and its included literacy strategies were beneficial and provided for success could prompt students to become more independent in the ownership of their role in success.
River Community College’s DLIT department posted on its website that it costs less to retain students than to recruit new ones (2011, para. 6). Therefore, as concerned stakeholders, the College would be interested in the results of the data in terms of increased student success and retention. The college paid to develop and maintain services, including Blackboard and Early Alert, and the personnel to provide the services. The Fast Track Program, discussed in the interview with (Diego Cortez), was available at no cost to the student, but required instructors, materials, and facilities.

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