The Literacy Revolution : The Paradigm Of Communication And Literacy For Today 's Youth

The Literacy Revolution : The Paradigm Of Communication And Literacy For Today 's Youth

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“I think we’re in the midst of a literacy revolution the likes of which we haven’t seen since Greek civilization,” she says. For Lunsford, technology isn’t killing our ability to write. It’s reviving it — and pushing our literacy in bold new directions” Clive Thompson (Shea, Scanlon, & Aufses, 2013, p. 173)

Literacy is defined by as the ability to read and write as well as competency in a specific area. The previous sentence showed the application of media available to today’s youth. Clive Thompson is commenting on how literacy changing. Knowing how to access and apply information has become a common occurrence through digital media. More questions are asked and answered with current media, changing the way students learn and use written language as a tool in communications. An essay on young people and the use of media can be force a look at the paradigm of communication and literacy for today’s youth. As a homeschool mom, I am thankful for the digital media that was available to my children. .They were able to formulate questions and search for answers in ways that were beyond imagination when I was in elementary and high school. Digital media is changing the way information is obtained, correlated, compared, and shared. The ability of a student to research information and then share their thoughts with others beyond the four walls of a classroom created better learning outcomes. Past generations would write a paper about a foreign country based on research through encyclopedias and other items available in the local library. The learning would be one sided and with no feedback from the sources. A current student can research online and even make contact with individuals living within the count...

... middle of paper ..., there is an abundance of information to access. This generation is accustomed to fingertip access to any fact they may require, from the fourth president of the United States, the capital of Uganda, or when/where/why a war took place. Learning beyond school is enhanced by this access because students can formulate questions and find real-time answers. Lack of transportation to the library is no longer an impediment to obtaining information. Digital media creates a more level playing field for students than will ever be possible within the four walls of a school structure. Once a student has access to digital media, all barriers to learning are gone, as the internet does not parse out information based on how smart you are, but if you ask the question. IQ will continue to increase if access to information and the ability to apply the knowledge is cultivated.

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