The Literacy Needs Of Culturally Diverse Learners Essay

The Literacy Needs Of Culturally Diverse Learners Essay

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Throughout this course, my beliefs have been reaffirmed regarding the literacy needs of culturally and linguistically diverse learners in a few ways. First, I have been implementing sheltered instruction observation protocol in my classroom. “Sheltered instruction teachers use the regular core curriculum and modify their teaching to make the content understandable for ELLs while at the same time promoting their English language development” (Echevarria, Short & Powers, 2008, pg. 42). The sheltered instruction I have been using in my classroom includes slow and clear speech, scaffolded instruction, visual representations, connecting prior knowledge to learned knowledge, cooperative learning, and targeted vocabulary development (Echevarria, Short & Powers, 2008). This course has reaffirmed the importance of using sheltered instruction to support the needs of the diverse learners in my classroom. Additionally, this course has reaffirmed creating a culturally responsive classroom. Dr. Helman discusses characteristics of a culturally responsive classroom, which include low anxiety environment, accepting of mistakes, community oriented, interactive, student work and samples present (Laureate Education, 2014f). This begins with the teacher building strong relationships with their students and families. Teachers need to gather information about their students in order to meet their needs as an individual. This also includes creating and building a positive learning community. Students need to know they are respected, supported, encouraged, engaged and valued in the classroom (Laureate Education, 2014f).
This course has influenced my professional practice in a few ways. First, this course has introduced me to code-switch. Code...

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...rt of organizations and associations.
In conclusion, I feel very comfortable helping all students achieve the literacy expectations of the Common Core State Standards. With the implementation of the Common Core, teachers of ELL’s must be able to adapt the CCSS to meet the needs of these diverse learners. The TESOL International Association is a great resource for teachers implementing the Common Core State Standards with linguistically and culturally diverse learners. This association supports ELL’s and their teachers through specialized programming, guidance, and preparation (TESOL, 2013). This association has been a great resource for me and I will continue to use it to support the ELL’s in my classroom. Although this is a challenge, I feel this course has helped me become a better literacy teacher that will be able to support ELL’s in my classroom.

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