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Differentiation is the key for these students. All students may be working on the same objective, but for this group, the assignment will be given in a different style to accommodate their learning. This will help ensure that they complete understand the material being taught. The student may just need the process or the product of the material to be different. The distinction between below – average readers and severely disable readers is an important one. Wherever we as educators draw the line separating the two groups, the idea is that instruction should vary depending on the severity of a child’s reading difficulty. Because fluency incorporates automatic word recognition, it is reflected in the narrow view of reading. However, Bashir states that fluency also plays an important role in reading comprehension (National Reading Panel, 2000). Therefore, fluency is a key link between word recognition and comprehension (Bashir, 2009)
Informal Literacy Assessments
Many of the students who took the spelling test in my classroom could very well read and recognize the words, but when asked to spell them on a separate occasion, they could not. With the selected group of students for this activity, they had only minor difficulties with the chosen spelling words. For example, they made mistakes such as tomorow, instead of tomorrow. They were capable of sounding, pouncing, and spelling most words on their reading level. These students would receive small instructional assistance. With this help they would be challenged but in a different way to help push them to the advance level.
Teachers match students with books at appropriate levels of difficulty because students are more likely to be successful when they are reading book...

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...uences. The more open ended questions that were presented to the students, the more the students started to analyze the story. Students were able to review personal and class predictions.

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