The Literacy Is The Way For Chinese Students Essay

The Literacy Is The Way For Chinese Students Essay

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In general, literacy means the ability of reading and writing, however my literacy is learning ability because I am a transfer student, I studied in Chinese University in the past two years and I am studying in American college now. I have experienced the different education systems in America and China.
In comparison to Chinese Education, American education provides freedom to students to think and to study by themselves. In most Chinese colleges, students should graduate in a limited time consisting of four years except some special majors such as medicine. Also, the students do not have the freedom to choose teachers they would like to learn from, so teachers often have the same schedule to teach students to make sure each students are treated fairly as well. In Chinese college, the most important thing that we need to do is to receiving and remembering: Paulo Freire defined this kind of education as “the banking concept of education” (Freire 72). Receiving and remembering is the easiest way for Chinese students to learn. Students need some time to remember what the teacher had taught before exams. Freire claims the banking concept of education makes students become less creative (73). It is not good for my future job, because I cannot figure out the problems by myself and I do not have some good ideas to improve the companies. The education style in America is really different. I need to spend some time before the class so I can communicate with classmates and teachers. In some classes, teachers may ask us to read some article to understand the main idea and then I need to write an essay based on my opinions and sources. According to Freire, the education in American Colleges is problem-posting education it is a kind of liber...

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...a, I need to read more books by myself so I can communicate with American and help me learn more skills so I can express myself better. Additionally, studying more skills by myself can do well in some classes such as American history and Government. The improvement of my literacy—learning ability can help me take part in American life,
The problem-posting concept of education in America helps me improve my learning ability that I had formed in the banking-concept of education in China. In China, my sponsors are my teachers, because they taught me a lot of skills that I need to remember the class material. However, my sponsor is my parents in America, they provide me a good environment to study. I need to work hard on my English and spend more time on self-studying. The improvement of learning ability changes my life such as finding a job in the future and daily life.

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