Literacy Is The Most Valuable Important Thing Essay

Literacy Is The Most Valuable Important Thing Essay

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Our world consists of many different nationalities, countries and races, and none of them are the same. Each country has its own national language. In this world, every part of which is absolutely different and doesn’t look familiar to another, there is one thing, which is one of the most important everywhere. The name of which is literacy. Everywhere, from The United States Of America to Russian Federation, from Sweden to Australia everybody wants to have the power, the power to be able to read and get knowledge from it. From my point of view, it means one very important thing. Ability to read, write and be an educated person are the most valuable skills of any person on his way to success, without which achieving the goal will be very difficult and practically impossible. And all these skills create a big world of literacy, which is full of adventures and exciting events. Literacy is always going with us through the whole period of life and creates a tremendous power that gives us the opportunity to be independent, well-educated person, which gives us a big chance to be successful and achieve the goal.
Literacy is a huge capable of doing a lot of difficult things, such as reading and writing, that shows us the power of it. A lot of different small things create this big power. And as a result, this power helps people to live in our society. It gives us a lot different opportunities. Everybody in the world reads and studies, because he wants to improve his skills, to learn more and more, and, as a result, get a well-paid job. When a child is born, he has almost the same rights and chance for success as many other children. Most of the stuff depends on us. If you want to have a good job, make a goal and go for it. Literacy should...

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...bility to read, ability to understand things himself, he got his freedom and freedom of every slave. He is one, who changed the history, who did a lot to make our life full of positive things. He fought for freedom of every person, who lives on our planet.
Literacy is the global world, which exists independently. This world has its own rules, people, and history. This world began to exist many years ago. At first, people used to write on stones, leaves, skins of different animals, papers. From the old age to nowadays it has changed from smaller to bigger. The same like real life: one by one, from day to day, from tribe to countries. The world of literacy consists of many smaller parts: authors, characters, types of book, languages. For example, we can’t say that Russian and American literacy are the same. But both of them are the same world: the world of literacy.

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