Literacy Is An Important Part Every Civilization Essay

Literacy Is An Important Part Every Civilization Essay

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Literacy, what is it? When this question was asked, my immediate thought was being able to read and write, duh. But as I sat back in my chair and tried to come up with something to say to the class, I realized literacy is not truly defined by that short definition provided when looked up in the dictionary. Literacy has been an important part every civilization, enabling the recording and sharing of history, thoughts, and ideas. It has a place in every aspect of society. From cooking, to science, to religion, literacy knows no bounds. Although literacy is often thought of as the ability to read and write in an academic setting, to me literacy is more beneficial when used outside of an educational context. Literacy in its most significant form is being able to decipher emotions and feelings, finding productive solutions to the problems, and sharing with others.
Over the years I have chosen to use writing as a way to understand myself and handle the situations I encounter. When I first began to write, it was exclusively for academic purposes. I wrote what was needed to obtain a grade that I deemed decent enough for my report card and nothing more. I had been taught and throughout the rest of my precollege education would still be taught to write for “grammatical correctness, not the communication of something meaningful” (Mahiri and Sablo 176). I focused on sounding intelligent to the reader and filled my papers with expansive vocabulary, but completely disregarded my personal feelings and voice. Ultimately this lead to me never wanting to pick up a pen and put it to paper, because each time I would write I had to let go of myself and become someone else. This feeling lasted until the end of middle school, one of the major turning...

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...y his hardness melted away. And when I think back, I realize that none of that would have been possible without literacy.
Literacy is capable of so much more than simply reading and writing for school. It can bring people to a point of understanding and self actualization that nothing else can. Through expressing ourselves in writing and reading to gain strategies and motivation for life, people are able to push past the seemingly unbearable moments in life. The significance of literacy is extremely great. It allows individuals to come to terms with their surroundings and situations in a private, yet profound way. Most importantly as individuals grow themselves and develop was to better handle their circumstances through literacy, they become capable of passing that on to other individuals through writing or speech, and that is where the true value of literacy lies.

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