Essay on Literacy Is A Deep Understanding

Essay on Literacy Is A Deep Understanding

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When you hear the word literacy, what would you immediately think? While most people would say “language” or “reading and writing,” I have learned over the years that is expands far beyond that. Literacy is a deep understanding - the mastery of a particular skill. For most, it is a mastery of a language, but from moving a vast distance to entirely different education systems, it became clear to me that literacy can take form beyond language skills, but also to test taking skills, and though this truth lead to conflict at first, the combined literacies have made me excel as a student.
Growing up in New York, I cannot really say I did not live with a bit of a silver spoon in my mouth. Since middle school, every classroom I entered was supplied with laptops, every room had a smartboard, textbooks were updated regularly, and overall, conditions were great. You really could not have asked much more from a public school. Even the music classes were trying to figure out ways to integrate the excessive technology into their courses. You would think that an area so focused on education would have extensive test preparation and practice testing to keep test scores high, but you would be wrong.
Back home in New York, I had never taken a single practice test, other than the PSAT. The limitation for any state test practice that we did in my old high school was the generic process of elimination technique for multiple choice, or learning not to highlight everything in a reading and how to identify important information. Instead of test prep work, the entire school year would be spent on work specifically for the course at hand, using only the criticisms of our peers and teacher to push our writing into a better direction. Prompts were oftenti...

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...his, but these two skills together made essay writing even easier in college. Essays flew by, and in short spans of time. While everyone else in my class groaned at the mention of an essay, I simply shrugged it off and finished the assignment with ease, almost always receiving an A+, thanks to my ability to develop more complex, descriptive text while also creating a fluid, persuasive structure and language. It is because of these literacies, the sheer opposition and the conflict that I faced in understanding both as separate entities, that have helped me grow as a writer and a student. It is because of these literacies that I can say that I earned my place on this Appalachian State University’s Dean’s list, and they are literacies that will follow me through my career to achieve even higher academic and scholarly standing within the discourses I pursue in the future.

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