Literacy Has Little Impact On A Person 's Literacy Level Essay

Literacy Has Little Impact On A Person 's Literacy Level Essay

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The ability of humans to share their thoughts about the world with other people is basic to civilization. Many people’s quality of thoughts and their ability to share them, however, fluctuates. This degree seems to fluctuate in time with the capacity of people to apply their literacy skills on a higher level. While it may appear an elitist argument, the greater a person’s literacy level, the more intelligent their thoughts will be and the more effectively they will be able to communicate them. A person with a greater level of literacy will not only be able to think on a higher level than others, but also convey their thoughts in a very specific manner, leaving no room for misinterpretation.
Now, some may argue that literacy has little impact on a person’s thinking capacity, or even their ability to share these profound thoughts; every person is greeted by the exact same world every day and perceives the same events in a relative manner. Through these events, some could say that people gain all the intellect they’ll ever need, which translates into an equal amount of intelligence from person to person. On top of this, opponents may make a common sense appeal that there is no need for effective writing if you can just get the gist of your message out there; the listeners or readers will automatically know what you are trying to say because they can relate to you on a human level. While these are utilitarian thoughts, they are simply not true. If you limit your insight on the world around you only to the happenings you personally experience, neglecting the rich wisdom provided through literary means, your thoughts will not be as intelligent as others’. Similarly, if your language is not precise or articulate enough, learned through ...

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...the first place. So with this being said, it is important to recognize the fact that higher levels of literacy play a major role in the spreading of knowledge; this knowledge leads to a higher thinking capacity and greater skill in relaying information through textual means.
When a person has a good grasp on their ability to read and write, they will be able to use the literary devices, vocabulary, and knowledge gained to not only convey their thoughts in a smooth and definite manner, but have a higher intellect in the first place. This point was supported through writers such as Wendell Berry, George Orwell, and Neil Postman, but has been shown time and time again through other sources as well. While people with lower literacy levels can still understand ideas and communicate with others, it is simply not on the same level as those whose literacy levels are greater.

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