Essay about The Literacy Game On The Classroom Table

Essay about The Literacy Game On The Classroom Table

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The literacy game was played in the classroom table with sixteen children of 6 years old in Grade 1 at Sister Mary Phillips school on November 30 at 10:45am. The grade 1 teacher was present while conducting the literacy game.
It lays the foundation for identifying the separate sounds/phonemes within words.
How you presented/introduced literacy games/ aid?
I used the regular Bingo game format to play the game. Before I start off, I played the game and gave oral instructions and demonstrated the actions. So, I picked one bingo card by saying the name of the picture and the sound that produce. For that, I followed the procedure for orally blending phonemes like in “ mat”. I hold up one finger and said the first sound /m/ slowly; and hold up second finger and said the next vowel sound /a/ slowly; blend it on to the first sound and then I hold up third finger /t/ and said last sound slowly and blend it to the second sound and said the word fast /m/a/t/ followed by CVC pattern. “Using visual cues (their fingers) helps students orally blend phonemes in to words” ( Reithaug, 2002, p.135).
While starting the game, I gave four different bingo boards and bingo chips to two groups of eight children and gave everyone to take turns to draw a different caller card image from the box, for sounding out the speech sounds, in the beginning / middle / end/ for CVC pattern for separating phoneme. After hearing blends of all sounds, the children placed a bingo chips on the word. Once they are all done, I placed the caller card on a white board which says CVC pattern, as I went through the game. The game continued until the children had a pattern either horizontal or vertical or diagonal line of words that had been covered, and call...

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...ivity in which children match loose letter cards with letters printed on a background board. It helps them learn how to blend all sounds to form word pattern.
Memory game could be one of the activity. Here, using ten pairs of cards with familiar three sound pictures on them, shuffle the cards, turn them over in a grind and play a game of memory with the cards. As each card is turned over, the child will say the middle vowel sound and try to find its match.
Another activity children can cut and paste word-picture matching for to identify short vowel sound.
Cross word puzzle also one activity to improve blending of words that consists of three phonemes
Mail box activity could be one activity in which children could short out the letter sound by their beginning, middle and last sound.
The children could find the missing sound in a set of words and colour the picture.

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