Essay on Literacy Development, Complications, And Instruction

Essay on Literacy Development, Complications, And Instruction

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Literacy Development, Complications, and Instruction
Literacy is essential for people currently living in the United States. In this culture, it is vital to be able to read for simple daily tasks like choosing a dinner at a restaurant or for checking one’s email. It is also significant for career development. Many people are required to have the ability to read more complex material like a high school or college textbook in order to obtain their degree. It is important to understand typical literacy development as well as complications like dyslexia; furthermore, how to teach readers and how new advancements in technology can assist reading progression are important topics to the discussion of literacy development.
An effort to explain the attainment of literacy has been taken up by many psychologists in recent decades. In the early to middle 1900s, Different stage theories were proposed by psychologists William S. Gray, Arthur I. Gates, and David Russell (Indrisano & Chall, 1995). Most recently, Jeanne S. Chall proposed a stage theory for reading. The Stages are founded in the knowledge that reading has two major components (Indrisano & Chall, 1995). The first component is the medium. If a student understands the medium he or she will recognize and understand the letters and words. The second component is the message, or the meaning encoded in the language (Indrisano & Chall, 1995). There are six stages in Chall 's theory, numbered 0-6, which Jeanne Chall reported in her work Stages of reading development, published in 1983. Initially there is pre-reading, stage 0, which occurs between 6 months and 6 years of age (Chall, 1983). During this time, a child is pretending to read. They may play with reading or writing materials, and...

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...lly, they enjoyed that their peers couldn’t see their book choice and that they themselves did not have to look at a daunting number of pages (Larson, 2015). All in all, e-books offer an unprecedented level of customizability to reading and have the ability to give a struggling reader more independence in their reading
Typical reading development, complications like dyslexia, reading instruction, and technology advancements are all key components in the discussion of Literacy in the United States today. For readers with or without dyslexia, proper instruction is important. Even though there is already a plethora of research on Literacy and reading development, there are new opportunities from the dawn of technology that are being explored. Especially for struggling readers, innovative ways of facilitating reading development could deepen a learner’s understanding.

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