Literacy Behind The Scene Literacy Essay

Literacy Behind The Scene Literacy Essay

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Literacy Behind the Scene

Literacy is a word that has multiple meanings behind it. Every individual will have their own definition of what literacy is and how it affects society today. Literacy in a nutshell is anything that is recognized, read, or even just being understood by an individual. This can be in written form, by the use of symbols, and oral communication. Without literacy the world would fall apart at its seams. Everyday tasks would be impossible to be completed. Tasks as simple as going to the grocery store would be impossible. Literacy is the ultimate superpower that should be attainable by everyone but is not used to its full potential.
One of the most influential parts of literacy in the lives of individuals is the literacy events that happen in everyday situations. Literacy events are explained in the textbook as “activities where literacy has a role”. This can be explained as the way that regular routines are performed and in the fashion that they are performed. Tasks performed on a daily basis are done due to literacy events. Putting together a shelf is completed by reading directions. Presentations are able to be performed due to one’s ability to communicate clearly with another. Literacy events can happen in everyday life and do happen every day.
Literacy is the knowledge of understanding what is being said. One would not be able to write what they are trying to say without the ability to understand the written word. A literacy event can help one shape their life by helping one interact with another in the written text form. Sending a fan letter to someone 's favorite band would be interacting with a band member through form of writing a letter. One would hope they would read and respond. Another co...

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...e for their family. The instead are met with a daily struggle to survive.
Literacy will never just have one district meaning. It will always require in-depth understanding the written text. Literacy is needed for the world to be understood through the eyes of the beholder. The eyes that see the beauty that can come from the understanding of the literacy events and being able to identify them will inspire new creations through the written form. Literacy can bring the world to its knees or it can bring the world to another level with the help of the communities around the world. Without literacy, a countries society can be destroyed through struggles and hardships that can lead to high crimes. With literacy it can make a country soar with technology and a thriving economy due to society’s ability to communicate and understand the written word.

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