Literacy And Intellectualism By Wendell Berry Essay

Literacy And Intellectualism By Wendell Berry Essay

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Literacy and Intellectualism
“In Defense of Literacy,” written by Wendell Berry was the topic of this discussion in his own essay of whether or not people are really and truly educated or literate. He acknowledges this in his essay by first acknowledging that while many people do go to school and continue their education in this country, people who are supposed to be well-educated have writing skills which are really not that good.
Some points which are noteworthy are such as even some people who teach English are not even that good at the subject either in regards to reading or writing. They are not completely literate even though they are trying to teach others to be. People are just doing enough to get by in college, in order to earn a piece of paper as a degree. Either that or they may be too bogged down with other things to do that they do not take the time to fully embrace what it is they should be learning and instead students are being taught other languages. People learn much of this information through formal education and continuously learning throughout the cours...

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