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Listening is one of the most powerful tools of communication and is a process that is used to receive, convey a meaning, and respond to both verbal and nonverbal messages. It is what we choose to do and it requires more work than speaking. Oftentimes, people simply misunderstand the difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is a passive process that takes in sounds and noises and listening is what you choose to do. This selective process includes 5 phases that can be acquired for us to become effective listeners in the future. The 5 phases are attending, understanding, remembering, critically evaluating (listening), and responding. Once the 5 different areas are understood, we will become aware of what needs to change and how we can change them. This will also allow us to improve our listening skills in the workplace, school, at home, etc.
The first phase in the listening process is attending. Attending is willfully striving to perceive selected sounds. The most important factor of attending is preparing to be physically and mentally ready to pay attention. We should focus mainly on attending to the message rather than encountering inner thoughts and feelings. In my day-to-day life, I try to get ready to attend even though it could be difficult at times. For instance, the other day when I was home, I had an argument with my mother and I started back talking her. But I realized that I should look directly at her and situate myself correctly. After she finished speaking, I understood what she had meant and that was when I saw an improvement in myself because it made it look like I was interested in what she was saying. To advance your attending skills, another important factor is making the shift from speaker to listener...

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... in.” So, of course I would jump in and interrupt as always or else they would never understand my viewpoint on this. I think I should work on not interrupting and let them finish speaking, and then I should reply with what I’m feeling.
To be effective listeners, the listening process should be incorporated into our lives. We should be attentive to what people say, clarify what the speaker is trying to come across, and respond in a way the speaker can understand what we are saying. I think I was aware that I needed some improvement in certain areas of this process but I feel as everything is slowly changing. In the future, I’m going try not to interrupt people, get distracted, tune out, and try to get a bigger picture of what the person is telling me. If good listening habits are applied in our day-to-day life, we can easily communicate with anyone and everyone.

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