Listening Is An Intellectual And Emotional Process Essay

Listening Is An Intellectual And Emotional Process Essay

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“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway
Listening is often times confused with hearing, when in fact, they are very different processes. Hearing is the physical process of perceiving sound; the listening process follows this perception. Many people believe that listening comes naturally to people, but it is actually an active process of creating meaning of other’s spoken messages. It is an often overlooked element of the communication process because of the amount of effort and skill that it requires to effectively listen (Brown, 2009). Listening is a necessary business communication tool as it is an active process that generates comprehension and development of a response.
Listening is more than a physical activity, it is an intellectual and emotional process (Shrivastava, 2014). The four main listening styles are people, action, content, and time. The people listening style focuses on the emotions and interests of the listener, while the action style is all about organization and precision. The content style focuses on the facts and is used by the listener when they face an intellectual challenge. The time style of listening focuses mostly on efficiency of the information presented. The studies of Dr. Argle and Dr. Cook have shown that good listeners are more liked and more trusted than individuals with poor listening skills (Shrivastava, 2014). Effective listening improves relationships because it shows respect and interest to the speaker. Listening is an important skill to learn because it leads to improved comprehension, academic performance, and personal relationships. “The absence or neglect of practicing effective listening can harm personal or business relationships” (Baidea & ...

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...ener is to learn to listen empathetically. A listener should not judge, nor interrupt a speaker. They should acknowledge the speaker’s feelings and provide nonverbal support such as eye contact.
Listening is a necessary business communication tool as it is an active process that generates comprehension and development of a response. It is important to improve listening skills because it strengthens relationships, shows respect and interest to the speaker, and prevents misunderstandings. There are many types of listening, the most effective type being empathetic listening. Effective listening skills improve comprehension and the development of responses. There are many challenges to be overcome when using listening as an effective form of communication. Taking the time to learn to become an effective listener will greatly improve an individual’s communication skills.

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