Listening Is A Important Part Of The Pharmacy Essay

Listening Is A Important Part Of The Pharmacy Essay

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Listening is a very important part in the pharmacy because if you are not listening you might misinterpret the instructions given or the prescription. When listening remember to put all other tasks aside and focus on the patient. While listening you have to be patient and don’t rush the customer. It is best to keep eye contact and nod your head to show that you understand what they are talking about. Be open to the conversation and relax, don’t be agitated because the customer will not feel comfortable.
Many issues affect actively listening such as distractions and multitasking or selective listening. If you are faking interest in the conversation or jumping to conclusions it may seem disrespectful to the speaker. Other things that affect actively listening are judging the other person while they are talking and your perceptions of that person. There are four main steps to actively listening. First, listen carefully to the person talking so you understand. Second, interpret your understanding of what you heard. Third, ask questions about what you did not understand. Fourth, affirm the other person that their message was understood or use nonverbal expressions.
There are barriers in communication so your goal is to get the message through clear and have a thought out plan to help the patient. Language barriers are the most important because there are a lot of people who come to the United States who don’t speak English as their first language. In order to help a non-English speaking person try to get the information in their language. Another thing is to get a translator to explain things or learn how to speak the language. It is helpful for a pharmacy technician to speak another language because it gives them more opportunities....

... middle of paper ... is don 't depersonalize and control the patient ask questions or give feedback of their needs. A lot of patients look at pharmacist and doctors as if they don 't care about their needs but the money.
Communication in the pharmacy is important because you talk to people everyday such as the customers, coworkers and your family and friends. Learning how to use your communication skills will help you becoming a successful communicator. Don’t lead on conflicts because they will never be resolved. Some patients are rude and knowing how to brighten their day without having them mess up yours is being polite and it might help them. When I’m having a bad day I like to go to my niece and nephew because they always put a smile on my face and their silly. Being a pharmacy technician is putting all your effort in the job, you might mess up, but you learn from your mistakes.

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