Essay on Listening For Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault

Essay on Listening For Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault

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Listen 60: No More, is a campaign used to raise awareness and advocacy for domestic violence and sexual assault. In 2014, following allegations behind the Nation Football League (NFL) choosing money and promotion over women and men falling victim to sexual assault and domestic violence, the NFL partnered with Listen 60 to run their version of the campaign. During September of 2014, it came to the public eye that Ray Rice 's then fiancé, turned wife was falling victim to domestic violence at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens Running Back, this case forced the selectively silent corporation of the National Football League to shed light onto why Ray Rice, was the 11th football star player to face domestic violence and assault charges and not be subjected to harsh consequences from the NFL franchise. Instead of verbally apologizing for their negligence or admitting guilt the NFL ran this public service announcement/advertisement. The hope was to get women and men to reach out for help and to let sufferers of this type of violence know that people were listening to their silent cries for help. This public services announcement was arranged by the National Football League in advertisement form to explicitly sell publication of abuse and implicitly sell Awareness.
The simplistic approach to this advertisement is what gives it such a dramatic impact. In the beginning of the advertisement, you start hearing a ringing like you would when you call someone. The phone is answered and the operator on one end asks the address of the emergency. The woman/ caller on the other end replies the address back to the operator, and she says that she would like to "order a pizza". The operator is thoroughly confused as to why the woman would order a...

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...en 60 rising and the public eye downgrading the situation of the NFL choosing money and promotion over women and men falling victim to sexual assault and domestic violence. The pathos appeals to the senses throughout the advertisement as well as the advertisements ability to move viewers through states of wonder, questioning, shock, sadness, compassion and anger in 60 seconds was incredible.
Furthermore, it added to the implicit message of awareness. Domestic violence and sexual assault do not just happen to women. Both men and women face domestic violence and sexual assault. Women and men of all ages are susceptible to falling victim to theses heinous acts. As well as men and women of all life 's predicaments are capable of being at risk to be subject to these malicious crimes, not just men and women who may or may not place themselves more in danger than others.

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