Essay on List Of Characteristics Of Living Organisms

Essay on List Of Characteristics Of Living Organisms

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Question 1: Briefly describe and list fives characteristics of living organisms. Give examples of each.
1. Organization is one characteristic of life. An example of this is the levels of biological organization. The complex organization of life begins with atoms, the basic unit of matter. The atoms then combine to form small molecules and then begin to form larger molecules within a cell. Eventually the organism grow to form new populations. Each level progresses into something bigger.
2. The second characteristic of life is, life requires materials and energy. All living organisms require a source of energy. For plants, they require sunlight or solar energy. Animals require food for nutrients and energy. example of this is plants requiring photosynthesis.
3. The third characteristic of life is, living organisms maintain homeostasis. In order for animals to live they must have the abilities to live in their environment; which means they have to have the ability to adjust to physiological factors in their environment. Factors like temperature, moisture level, acidity and much more. For example, an outside dog has to have the ability to adjust to a season change, like winter. They must adapt to the colder temperatures, the new moisture levels, and many other things. If the outside dog does not adapt to these changes and maintain homeostasis, they will not survive.
4. The Fourth characteristic of life is, all living organisms has to be able to reproduce and develop. All living things has to come from another living thing, and then they have to be able to reproduce another living organism such as themselves. Such as a human reproduces a baby. That baby came from a living organism, and that baby shares characteristics from its of...

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...iffuse across across the membrane with zero energy. Molecules like, carbon dioxide, oxygen, alcohol, and glycerol; can freely move across the cell because they are none charged molecules that require no energy. The molecules are a Substances can cross the plasma membrane through passive transport or facilitated transport. If a substance enters the cell through passive transport, the plasma membrane is completely permeable to that substance, meaning that the substance is following its concentration gradient. This means it is moving from a high concentration to a low concentration. During facilitated transport, a substance requires an expenditure of energy and/or the help of a carrier protein to cross the membrane. This is generally because the substance is going against its concentration gradient; meaning it is moving from a low concentration to a high concentration.

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