Lion, Witch And Wardrobe Book Review

Lion, Witch And Wardrobe Book Review

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The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is set during World War II. There are four children who had to be sent to live with Professor Kirke because their mother wanted them to be safe. The children decide to play hide and seek in the house one day and the youngest girl Lucy found a wardrobe to hide in. When Lucy was in the wardrobe she found herself in a strange place. The wardrobe had led her to a land full of snow. When Lucy started walking around she met a fawn named Tumnus. He took her to his house. She became friends with him until he broke down and explained to her that he worked for the White Witch. He was supposed to capture humans, but she begged him to let her go, which he did.
When Lucy came back through the wardrobe her siblings thought she was crazy for ever making something like that up. When Lucy decided to go back through the wardrobe, the younger boy, Edmund, followed her. He found himself enjoying Turkish delights with the White Witch that Tumnus had told Lucy about. Lucy and Edmund met at the lamppost which is the border between Narnia and the real world.
One day all the children had to hide from the housekeeper and so they went to the wardrobe. When they got in all four of them found themselves in Narnia. Lucy wanted them to meet Tumnus but he had been arrested. They set out to try to find him when they came across Mr. Beaver. He explained that all they could do is go see Aslan, who is the King of Narnia. The children all agreed except for Edmund because he liked the White Witch so he set out to warn her. When she hears this she is furious because she doesn't want the children to rule Narnia, and overthrow her.
The Witch set out to get to Aslan before the children but failed. Aslan's followers set out to find Edmund and he was rescued. The Witch and Aslan talk and The White Witch wanted Edmund's life because she said he was a traitor. Aslan sacrificed his life for Edmunds. Susan and Lucy stay with his dead body over night but when they woke up he was gone.

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Aslan rose from the dead and he killed the White Witch.
The four children ruled over Narnia and became adults. They came back to the lamppost and when they went back, no time had passed and they told the professor all about Narnia and he said they would go back again.

The good parts in this book to me were how it showed the Christian faith. I also liked when Aslan rose form the dead. It made me think of the love that Jesus gave to us, because Aslan sacrificed his life for the sins Edmund made, just as Jesus died for our sins.
I also liked how Lucy kept pushing her brothers and sisters to believe her about Narnia. She did not give up on what she believed in. This to me resembles how we have to believe in God no matter how crazy people tell us we are. We have to keep pushing them to believe and encounter the same joy of Christ or the same joy of being in a land of snow.
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is a Christian allegory but to me it makes the Christian faith seem more of a fairy tale. The book makes it seem easier to become a Christian than it really is. This is only an opinion but when I read the book it seemed to me that the book made it seem like all you had to do was walk through a door.
The other thing about the book I didn't like was when Aslan (the Christ like figure) said that he could not promise them he would be there for the Children but Christ clearly says I will be with you always and I will not leave you or forsake you. (1 Chron 28:20).

The main characters are Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. Peter is the oldest boy, he is Noble and courageous and he protected Susan from the wolves. He worked hard to protect his brothers and sisters and he was an example of a Christian working hard. Susan was very bland. She was sweet and very gentle and when she was became the called her Susan the gentle.
Edmund was someone who fell into temptation. He was a brat and very greedy. He wanted the Turkish delights and became very greedy for them. He did not want to accept what was right and he did want to make the sacrifices it took to go with is brothers and sisters, but he learned in the end that it was harder down the road he took. He took the witches side until he realized that it was the wrong path and went back with to the good side with his brothers and sisters. He became as admirably as Peter did. I mostly relate to Edmund because I have fallen into many temptations. I took the hard road, like Edmund did, to find Christ.
Lucy is my favorite character because she kept persevering in her faith. She was very optimistic and most of the adventure came through her. She never let up, and she always took the lead. She always believes in herself. They (her brothers and sisters) keep telling her she was crazy for believing that there was a world inside a wardrobe. She proved them wrong though and I admire that because it shows how we should be in our walk with Christ.
The other two characters that are very important are Aslan and White Witch. Aslan represents Christ. He was a noble lion and the King of Narnia. He set all things wrong to good. He gave his life for a traitor because of his love for his people and he rose again, the same as Christ.
The White Witch represents Satan. She enticed Edmund into going her ways and falling into her temptations. She had many servants (like demons) and she had them entice people as well. The witch is completely evil and she will stone or kill any Narnian who does wrong. She claimed the throne to Narnia by force and force alone.
The book was overall a good well rounded Christian allegory but there were a few things that twisted the bible a little. I do realize that it is a fairy tale but if the book is written to be a Christian allegory it needs to stick to ALL biblical principles of the bible, but this is only my opinion and I could be wrong.
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