Link Cause Effect And Prevention Of Pressure Ulcers Essay

Link Cause Effect And Prevention Of Pressure Ulcers Essay

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A pressure ulcer is an area of skin with unrelieved pressure resulting in ischemia, cell death, and necrotic tissue. The constant external pressure or rubbing that exceeds the arterial capillary pressure (32mmHg) and impairs local normal blood flow to tissue for an extended period of time, results in pressure ulcer (Smeltzer et. Al., 2013). According to National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, 2014, pressure ulcers are a major burden to the society, as it approaches $11billion annually, with a cost range from $500 to $70,000 per individual pressure ulcer. It is a significant healthcare problem despite considerable investment in education, training, and prevention equipment. This paper includes two different studies to link cause-effect and prevention of pressure ulcers.
Although it makes sense that repositioning will make a difference to the pressure ulcer incidence, but the challenge lies in determining how and how often the patient should be repositioned. According to the first article, “A randomized controlled clinical trial of repositioning, using the 30o tilt, for the prevention of pressure ulcers,” adopting the 30o tilt and three-hourly repositioning reduces pressure ulcers as compared to 90o tilt and six-hourly reposing at night, along with the usual care. Second study reaffirms the problem of pressure ulcers and finds that Registered Nurses underestimate the value of pressure ulcer prevention techniques and delegate such duties to their assistants, because they do not have time to implement and document these activities.
The purpose of this paper is to make healthcare providers’ aware about the impact of their attitude and management of the quality of their patients’ lives and society’s resources. T...

... middle of paper ..., and most importantly, it ensures that the patient leaves the facility with skills for self-care. Above all, nurses required to be in the position of providing pressure ulcer care and prevention. Additionally, protocols to guide pressure ulcer care need to be developed and disseminated for use during care.
The impact of pressure ulcers on patients, families, and cost of health care services is a matter of concern. Early identification, treating risk factors, and actions for prevention can control pressure ulcers and their impact. Nurses should have knowledge of current guidelines, risk factors, treatments, and preventive interventions. Nurses’ evidence-based, quick and cognitive actions make a real difference in someone’s life. “There is a right thing to do with regard to quality of care: improve it. If that takes courage, so be it.” ~ Donald Berwick

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