The Link Between Time, Money, and Morality Essays

The Link Between Time, Money, and Morality Essays

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Money has mould, transformed and created a society where monetary security has triumphed over the essential concept of time and human morality, this correlating relationship has been highlighted in the paper, Psychological Science: Time, money and morality. Freud reinforces this point as ““…money questions will be treated by cultured people in the same manner as sexual matters, with the same inconsistency, prudishness and hypocrisy.” (Richard Trachtman 1998, The paper successfully demonstrates the influence of irrational financial and monetary responsibility instilled onto human ethics and the concept of time through the multiple experiments. Through the various experiments within a controlled environment, the theoretical link between time, money and morality is carefully established, however the practicality between these relationships are still questionable. However “Monetarization quantifies social activities and introduces new equivalences and comparisons” (Bruce Carruthers,1998, further reinforcing the connection forged between the topic and its interconnectedness.

The experiments conducted by Gino and Mogilner displayed methodically sound experiments with a strong underlying hypothesis which is “shifting focus onto time can salvage individuals’ ethicality” (Gino& Mogilner 2013). This was aimed to test human ethicality whilst in the presence of time and money and thus granting and overview on its correlating relationship. Thus it was set out to prove that “when people are focused on money, they behave in self-interested (but not self-reflective) ways” (Gino and Mogilner, 2013). The experiments employed subjects whom were...

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...lner, 2013). Benjamin Franklin once quoted “Time is money” implying that we should hold each in equal regards, however the experiment displays that “comparing these resources shows that people react to them differently” (Aaker, Rudd, Mogilner, 2011). Thus the results conducted from these multiple experiments have displayed a concise and consistent relationship between time, money and morality. Thus “Given the pervasiveness of dishonesty in today’s society, we hope our research will inspire other investigations or interventions that can successfully reduce unethical behavior.” (gino and Mogilner). Thus, time has been sacrificed for money creating a desensitized society encumbered with stress and pressure, generating a negative environment as demonstrated by the increment of lies in the experiment which revealed its negative effect on human ethicality and morality.

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