The Link Between Strategic Management And Leadership Essay

The Link Between Strategic Management And Leadership Essay

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1.1: Explain the link between strategic management and leadership.

To elucidate the connection among strategic management and leadership a strong understanding of anything these two rapports really mean is necessary. The link between these two terms are explained bellow:-
According to Barratt and Mottershead (2000) tactic is labelled as the way of attaining organisational aims. Tactic is not about ideas solitary.
Strategic Management is the procedure of founding and upholding good tactics. Constructing and defining strategy is not sufficient, Virtuous strategic management iplays a vital part in impending organisational prospects and contests. Management deals with the managing individual according to a set plans and course of action set up by organisation.
Both of the management and the leadership skills are vital for the success of the organisation. Leaders influence others to follow him/ her . there is no force or pressure,, while in an organisation following managers are must and individuals need to obey the managers sometime even they don’t like them if managers ask to do something beneficial and legal for the organisation.
There are diverse ways of recitation leadership, so it is extremely hard to specify a solitary definition that accomplishes the mission. As Brindley and Buckley (2004) contended that, “Leadership has been recognized as the procedure by which individual and cluster actions are prejudiced concerning organizational goals”. So it can be can said that Leadership is the art of getting things done by encouragement or inspiration of the leader on its supporters whilst Management largely relay on the investigation and ground realisms.
Leadership and management are interweaved with certain negligible varia...

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...orary and Contingency Theories have a good impact on Tesco’s strategy. Both these theories are leading Tesco towards excellence. Changing the style according to the situation and sticking to the overall performance is surely good enough for Tesco’s progress in long term.


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