Essay about The Link Between Free Markets And Addictions

Essay about The Link Between Free Markets And Addictions

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Every day people are bombarded with images and captions painting shiny, perfect illusions that await them just a quick purchase away. They are the illusions that it is possible to buy happiness, acceptance, and perfection. Although they are not the only temptations, the constant tug of these promises soon become dependences that plague the countless people seeking an escape from their lives. The main issue here is that society is afflicted with a series of addictions caused by social dislocation and family stress. Addictions which have fed, and been fed, by the overabundance of external stimulation by outside forces, such as free markets, and lack of internal well-being as a result of a degrading sense of family and community. In the following, the link between free markets and addictions will be discussed further, as well as to why they exists and persist, and the current stance on it and how it can be improved.
It is virtually impossible for someone to step foot outside their house and not be subjected to a stream of propaganda. Propaganda such as the newest, shiny vehicle that will be the necessary turning point its owner needs to finally get that promotion or land the perfect date or the latest lifestyle trend that will transform and give people the life they’ve always dreamed of having. All this is sold by vendors who wish to tap into consumer’s deep seated desires for fulfillment they incorrectly believe they will find externally. This, as stated in Addiction in Free Markets by Bruce Alexander and Stefa Shaler, in turn leads to addictions, not just simply drug addictions or alcoholism, but a reliance on excessive pleasures that can be bought. This is a result of them believing, either consciously or subconsciously, that thos...

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...ulprits: addictions. People are living with damaged families and social ties or none at all and they are left to self-medicate without the correct tools they need to find the cure. All that is a toxic mix resulting in addictions that are further tearing apart and tearing down what little there is left.
On the other hand, there is still hope. Understanding that looking for a cure by finding someone or something to blame is not the right way to go about this issue is the first step. It’s also knowing that these addictions can be contained by working from within, working to repair and build long-lasting and resilient ties with society and families can also heal the fissures and cracks in the foundations of all the lives that make up society. Just as addictions can be overcome, so can the problems responsible for creating a need for those addictions in the first place.

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