The Link Between Alcohol And Sexual Assault Essays

The Link Between Alcohol And Sexual Assault Essays

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“Approximately half of all sexual assaults are associated with either the perpetrator 's alcohol consumption, the victim 's alcohol consumption, or both” (Abbey, Zawacki, Buck, Clinton, & McAuslan, 2004, p. 1). As such, the emphasis of this paper is on the link between alcohol and sexual assault. This paper will focus on Jamie Foxx’s (2008) disregard for consent and use of alcohol as a tool of coercion in pursuing ‘sex’ in the song Blame It. I plan to discuss the legal framework by which the use of alcohol to seduce – rather incapacitate – women can classify the sexual acts that follow as assault (or not). I will also discuss Foxx’s apparent disregard for consent in his pursuit of ‘sex’ with the woman about whom the song is written. Lastly, I will discuss the use of language to direct focus away from the potential perpetrator of assault.
Attributions of rape blame may be related to variables such as alcohol consumption and resistance used during a sexual assault. As noted, by Coates, Bavelas, and Gibson (1994), “trial judgments frequently include a description of how the complainant resisted the assault” (p.195). Many perpetrators of sexual assault realize that it is harder for women to resist sexual advances when intoxicated; thus, alcohol is often used as a tool of coercion in pursuing ‘sex’ (Abbey, 2002; Mosher & Anderson, 1986). Furthermore, a victim’s intoxication at the time of assault can impact a rape trial in two ways. First, alcohol creates contention around consent (Cowan, 2008). That is, it is difficult to determine, definitively and with reliability, whether or not consent was given for two reasons – capacity to consent is difficult to measure, and credibility of testimony(ies...

... middle of paper ... assaulted after having consumed alcohol are assessed from a victim-blaming perspective – a perspective that suggests that the woman caused her rape by suggesting her consent through her alcohol consumption (leading the man on). In summary:
Talk about sexual assault victims, if they are girls and women, […] constructs a world in which “victims” – as “persons believed to have been unjustly harmed or damaged by exogenous forces beyond their control” (p. 105) – are few and far between. This is because what is done with words and what is talked into being are girls and women who are in some measure responsible for the sexual violence that men perpetrate against them (Mikita, 2016, p.62).
That is, talk about sexual assault constructs victims – particularly, women – as blameworthy for the sexual assault committed against them, and exculpates perpetrators of assault.

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