The Line Between Journalism And Entertainment Essay

The Line Between Journalism And Entertainment Essay

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The line between journalism and entertainment has never been less defined than it is today. Broadcast news is controlled by corporate conglomerates that monopolize all forms of communications in America. These telecommunication empires operate their holdings like a business and the currency of modern media is ratings. When the determining factor of the worth of a news story is how many people are watching it, then journalism becomes a malleable medium that can serve agendas and manipulate public opinion. Robert McChesney is a watchdog in the modern wild west of investigative journalism. He is a hard hitting muckraker that cries out to all that will listen to scrutinize their news stream and question their leaders. He founded the Free Press, alongside John Nichols and Josh Silver, as an independent lobbyist group for free communication advocating net neutrality and free speech for the press. He is very vocal about the need for media reform, stating that it requires “consequential change… with a deep understanding of the value of continual prodding at the local, state and national levels” (Nichols & McChesney, 2013, p. 22).

Free Press
The Free Press was founded in 2003, when like minds decided to organize and attempt tp halt the runaway train of modern journalism. McChesney, Nichols and Silver are pioneers in a new media landscape, rallying under the banner of media reform for a new democracy with transparency and equality. They seek to keep the press unbiased and unaffiliated with any political agenda. Radical changes are called for with a fervor that they hope will inspire a nation. Their ambitions are lofty but so too is their determination. According to their website, Free Press has four fields of activism: saving the internet,...

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...mise and the reality of a free press” (Nichols & McChesney, 2010, p. 12).
Free Press calls for first, an investment in newsrooms where everything is challenged and rechallenged, and second, well-paid newshounds that are educated and incorruptible, to correct the course of the doomed vessel that is journalism. Robert McChesney and John Nichols have made giant strides in the battle to liberate American media from the grip of corporate domination, but they are up against a behemoth. As the internet continues to make the world more transparent, one can only hope that there will be an increase in awareness. Men like McCheasney can utilize the widespread dissemination of information to make everyone accountable for their ignorance. Free Press will continue to set the alarm on a sleeping nation, waking people to the dangers of giving up control of their information streams.

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