Essay Lincoln Is A Moral Realist

Essay Lincoln Is A Moral Realist

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To begin with, Lincoln had perservenerence: he was principled yet not subjective. He was guided by a couple, key respectable standards. Among his standards was his dedication to what Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, that "all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” Miller states that “Lincoln insisted continually not only that the 'created equal ' in the Declaration included Negroes, but that to hold otherwise, as Douglas did, and to impute such a view to the Founders, was to destroy that great document 's meaning for all Americans and all time.” (351-352 Miller)
Lincoln is a moral realist because he understands that doing good requires more than solely having good intentions. According to the text Miller states, “We have called Lincoln’s political ethic “responsible”, which means he takes care to understand particular circumstances and consequences.” (219 Miller) It is difficult to misrepresent the significance in Lincoln 's ethical life story of his 1854 discourse contrary to the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which stretched out slavery to those regions. “Lincoln is actually more notable for his references to a natural sympathy, and a natural sense of justice in humankind.”(Miller 255) Miller then explains “the results of the outlook underlying the Nebraska act, he said, is its encouragement of a cynicism that wraps and tries to deny that sense of justice.”(255)
Miller demonstrates that, even in individual matters, Lincoln stuck to a stern moral code. He didn 't drink, smoke, gamble, hunt, and he didn 't view himself as higher rank to others in light of the fact that he chose not to do so. The text states “In a society of hunters, Lincoln did not hunt; where many males s...

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... restricted the Mexican War in Congress and later when he demanded battling to spare the Union. Nor did he fear for his own particular life. He routinely went around Washington with no security subtle element, and he confronted the mortal risk when he went by soldiers at the front. Lincoln was also a man of humor. Miller states, “He was also "sociable," "companionable," "amiable," “gregarious '; he "liked lively, jovial company, where there was plenty of fun and not drunkenness.” Abe was a cheerful boy-a witty boy-was humorous always. He made fun and cracked his jokes making all happy. He was the most entertaining person I ever knew, always made him a welcome member of any group.” (Miller 72)
In the end, all of those pressures cost Lincoln his life. Yet, people need to additionally recollect that they were essential to what made his life so remarkably worth living.

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