Limiting Sexual Deviance by Castration Essay

Limiting Sexual Deviance by Castration Essay

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Castration is one of the options that has been put forward as a type of punishment/treatment for convicted sex offenders. Castration can be divided into two separate categories: chemical or surgical. Surgical castration is the removal of a man’s testicles, for the purpose of lowing his testosterone levels, leading to lower levels of sexual desires (Stone et al., 2000). Chemical castration is an injection of an antidrogenic, which works to inhibit the brain from producing hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce testosterone (Harrison, 2008, Stone et al., 2000). Like surgical castration the intension of chemical castration is to lower testosterone levels, and limit sexual deviance (Stone et al., 2000). One could argue that castration would make a good punishment for sex offenders, however it does not address the psychological aspects of sexual assault. The act of rape is much more than the forced penetration of a penis in a vagina and using castration as a treatment or punishment for sex crimes does not address the offender’s mental issues or the legal implications of doing so.
The act of castration dates back several centuries. Back in ancient times castrated men were used to watch over women’s quarters or were used as chamberlains in noble households (Scott, &Holmberg, 2003). In the 18th century young boys who belonged to choirs were castrated when they reached puberty, in order to keep their high-pitched singing voices (Scott, &Holmberg, 2003). Young boys who had this procedure done were known as castrati (Scott, &Holmberg, 2003). The start of the of 20th century saw the eugenics movement, which was the forced sterilization of people with undesirable traits so they would not pollute the gene pool with their defectives (...

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