Essay about The Limited State Governement in Nevada

Essay about The Limited State Governement in Nevada

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Exam 2
1) The framers of the Nevada Constitution intended for the state government to be limited in its power to curtail corruption and the concentration of power. All three branches of the Nevada government are limited by separation of powers and a system of checks and balances.
“The framers of the 1864 constitution sought to incorporate into that document limitations and exclusions on the legislature's vast reserve of power” (Bowers Pg.69) Nevada being one of only seven states that uses the biennial session system; this is one of the most limiting checks of the legislature's power, that is they only meet for four months every other year. The constitution does have provisions for special sessions; prior to 2013 only the governor could call for them and decided their focus and length, however in 2012 a state constitution amendment allowed the legislature to call itself into session for no more than twenty days. The limited amount of time the legislature meets limits what they can carry out in passing bills.(Bowers pg. 74) The process by which a bill becomes a law in Nevada may take almost the entire legislative session and requires certain milestones by a certain duration. (How a Bill Becomes a Law handout) The other limitations put upon the legislature are: the bills they create must have only one focus and no riders, they are limited on creating new tax increases, citizen referendums and initiatives allow for citizen oversight and response, revenue estimation is completed by separate body, and no separate budget committees. (Bowers pg.69-81, Herzik Notes)
The executive branch of Nevada much like any other state is tasked with enforcing and implementing the laws the passed by the legislature, but unlike other states executive p...

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...(Bowers pg.95)
The State Controller and Treasurer are two separately elected positions which are both responsible for the funds received or sent by the state. The Controller issues checks and warrants for the state. Controller also acts as the chief bookkeeper and may perform audits.(Bowers pg. 95) The Treasurer is responsible for taking in all funds received by the state and invest those funds.(Bowers pg. 95) The Treasurer is also responsible for the unclaimed property held by the State of Nevada for its citizens. (Herzik notes)
Nevada's plural executive branch may be weak compared to other state's executive branches, but the extra checks and balances offer an advantage not seen in other states. The limits to gubernatorial power which the plural executive creates allows the Nevada executive to held more accountable directly to the citizens and voters of the State.

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