Limited Restraint in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Essay

Limited Restraint in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad Essay

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People’s restraint can either save their lives or put them at great risk of dying. A person’s ability to restrain themself plays an important role when exploring the unknown. In the novel, Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, restraint plays a major role throughout the novel. Restraint threads its way through the three parts of Heart of Darkness; people who have been in chaos learn restraint, whereas people who have been in civilization cannot control themselves. Fresleven, the cannibals, the helmsman, and Kurtz all show restraint or the loss of restraint in the novel.
Marlow’s story begins with him telling the story of Fresleven, a European who lost restraint and could not control himself. Fresleven, being born into civilization, never learned proper restraint. Fresleven, “the gentlest, quietest creature that ever walked on two legs” (Conrad 6) shows how easy restraint can be lost. Freselven went mad because civilization never forced him to be restrained. Fresleven lost restraint because he went from the sophisticated society of Europe to the uncivilized, jungle of Africa. The peo...

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