The Limitations Of An Intern Essay

The Limitations Of An Intern Essay

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Some of the limitations that I felt myself come across is that as an intern I was not able to follow up with my case load as much as I would have wanted. For one, my program is outpatient community based, meaning most of my interactions were at his home with a social worker because we are not allowed to use government vehicles to make home visits. This was difficult because I was not able to gain full rapport with my client because there was always an extra set of eyes that was also interfering with the process of rapport building. My other limitation was that I was only available two days a week which made it hard for me to be there as his case manager given the fact that he was in crisis a couple of times.
Given my schedule and Adrian being in crisis and in need of support, his assigned social work employee was able to assist him on days that I was not there. This was a challenge because at times we have different perspectives on how to approach the situations and how to deliver services. Of course she has been working at this department a lot longer than I have, has more experience than me, and has known this client a lot longer than I have made it difficult for me to approach certain situations. Not to say that she was wrong or that I was wrong, but there was often times a difference of opinions. My schedule again interfered with daily staffing of the Veterans in the program. I felt that this was important because they often discussed my Veteran and to me I felt like I was missing information about him when I would come in the next day. I felt like I was missing meaningful information for the fact that is was the whole team that consist of social workers, registered nurses, and peer supports coming together to think of solutio...

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...rmination, which can arise many ethical dilemmas. More importantly thinking of what can cause less harm, because I am well informed that social work with any population is never black and white.
I can accomplish to do all this by looking at the whole picture, because there is always more to what people believe. Also because I am human it is not abnormal not to judge, but I have learned to be mindful in my professional setting because this can impact the way I deliver services. It is okay to feel like I disagree with my client’s decisions and opinions, but it is not right to ever let them know that because that is not what they need from us and at the end of the day it is all about the client. Of course working with clients that are often in crisis and seeking for our help can be emotionally exhausting therefor having a strong self-care plan is a must if I want to con

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