Lilly Grant Is Private Endowment That Views Education Essay

Lilly Grant Is Private Endowment That Views Education Essay

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Private Endowments:
Lilly grant is private endowment that views education at all levels as indispensable to personal, civic and economic success. Their decision making revolves primarily around their interest in improving education in Indiana, with special emphasis on higher education and on programs designed to increase the percentage of Indiana residents with bachelor 's degrees. Indiana ranks near the bottom of the 50 states in the percentage of its residents 25 years old who hold a baccalaureate degree. This ranking portends an unattractive future for Indiana 's economy and quality of life in this increasingly technological and complex world. Lilly Endowment is confident that leaders of Indiana 's communities - large and small, rural and urban - can rally their fellow residents around efforts to increase the level of educational attainment in our state. The Lilly Endowment encourages Indiana to further education in order to improve the quality of life of the state 's residents.
The Endowment 's interest in higher education extends to Indiana colleges and universities and nationwide to historically black colleges, Native American colleges and programs to increase access to college by Hispanic Americans. Grants to institutions of higher learning outside Indiana generally are restricted to programs offered by the Endowment on an invitational basis.
Begun in 1998, the program offers four-year, full-tuition scholarships to Indiana students who intend to work toward a baccalaureate degree at any accredited public or private college or university in Indiana. The scholarship also provides $900 per year for required books and equipment.
Some limitations are:
Libraries, except for special initiatives, the Endowment regularly declines ...

... middle of paper ...

...ed more than $7.1 million to fund nearly 4,500 grants to public school educators to enhance teaching and learning”.
All applicants must be current members of the National Education Association.
Grant funds may be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, technology, or scholars-in-residence. Although some funds may be used to support the professional development necessary to implement the project, the majority of grant funds must be spent on materials or educational experiences for students.
Grant funds may not be used to:
Support after-school, weekend, or summer programs:
Pay indirect costs, grant administration fees, or salaries;
Pay stipends to the applicants;
Support conference fees for more than one person.
Lobbying or religious purposes
As far I can see there is no financial match obligation for the school or institution.

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