Essay about Lil Wayne: Theories of Personality

Essay about Lil Wayne: Theories of Personality

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Raised as an only child, Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr or more commonly referred to as Lil Wayne, was born September 27th, 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Carter’s mother was only 19 years old when he was first born. He was being raised by both his mother and father until his father abandoned them while Dwayne Jr. was only two years old. After being abandoned by his biological father, his mother was forced to take care of him on her own and survive in the crime infested community of Holly grove, New Orleans. Even though he divorced his mother and remarried, his father forced the two live with his own mother and came by to abuse Lil Wayne’s mother on a consistent basis.This situation went on for three years until Lil Wayne’s mother eventually remarried and relocated to a different part of town. Growing up he did very well in school. He was actually enrolled in his school’s gifted program at a point and received top grades. He got into music at a very young age and wrote his first rap song at the age of eight. Lil Wayne had the drive to be the best and successful at his craft since he first began. At the age of nine he was challenging others twice his age and older at rapping. He would consistently go to neighborhood parties or events to rap and most of the time he was better then whatever adult he was going against. As a testament to this, at the age of nine he start receiving attention from one of the two co-founders of his future label, Slim Williams. From Slim, he then received other co-founder, Bryan Williams, phone number and what he did with it after that was truly caught the Bryan’s attention. He continuously called the number over and over leaving rap songs on the voicemail of Williams until he agreed to meet him in person...

... middle of paper ... had a short but unique life and has managed to push himself to attain the success that he always believed he was capable of. Like any other individual’s life he surely has had his ups and downs as everyone else. Within just the first half of his life his father abandoned him and continued to beat his mother, he began both using and dealing drugs, had accidentally shot himself and even had a daughter. The second half was any less eventful then the first. Since his first child he has had three more, picked up a couple more drug habits, has been to prison, attained his GED and has become worth over 100 million dollars.With the many different aspects to both his personality and behavior many different theories from various theorist can be applied to him.

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