Likert Scales: Composition, Opportunities, and Limitations Essay

Likert Scales: Composition, Opportunities, and Limitations Essay

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Performance analysis and quality monitoring are essential to any organization to ensure programs and different organizational activities are all aligned and functioning according to the desired plan. One of the best indications and commonly used is patients’ satisfaction and feedback; hence, the widespread use of surveying techniques. Likert scales, especially, have been very helpful in this regard due to their simplicity, ease to conduct and interpret, and high specificity as to which aspects are being measured. In fact, surveying before and after implementing changes proves very helpful as it indicates the level of success or failure. So, what is the composition of a Likert scale and what are the opportunities and limitations of this survey instrument?

Origin and composition of Likert scale
The way attitudinal research has changed greatly since Likert, R. introduced his scale in 1932 (Edmondson, Edwards, & Boyer, 2012). It uses the usual bipolar response points that today almost everyone is familiar with. According to Edmondson, Edwards, and Boyer (2012), Likert scale has proved more reliable and used only half the number of items used by other popular methods at the time of its introduction. Also, in most cases, the scale does not require judges which added to its simplicity. Since then, Likert scale has become very popular and many modifications have been added to enhance the accuracy of the results (Edmondson, Edwards, & Boyer, 2012).
Likert scale is composed of the analysis of a series of statements to which respondents agree or disagree with variable degrees (Albaum, 1997). According to Edmondson, Edwards, and Boyer (2012), originally, Likert scale was composed of 4 different components. First one was strictly a yes/no/...

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...the upcoming challenges in the healthcare field, organizations need to make the best use all resources including consumers’ attitudes and judgments.

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