Essay on Like Us, You Too Can Be Great

Essay on Like Us, You Too Can Be Great

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At a point in our life we all will have rough patches. Just about every human goes throughout his or her life to find security. But in all this searching sometimes they fail in finding it. I believe that is what leads people to drink. They feel like they are missing something in their life so they fill the void with a liquid matter that takes pain away for a while. But in return it leaves you defenseless. It leaves them wanting the security that they have failed to find in their lifes search.

But in my case, it is completely different. The reason why I drink is to dull that powers of the mind. Having a power is not that great, I have one. From my power, I have learned a great deal about the world. Everyone wants to be great, some more than others. Which leads to people stepping on others and not really caring about what they do who they hurt, and why. We all want someone to look up to. Even a villian like me dreams of being a hero.

I walked into the bathroom half awake, I do not even remember waking up. The morning was typical, there was nothing special about it. All that really catches my attention was that I took a shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed to go to a job I hate.

On my way to work, I like to stop at this liquor store that it rather close to my flat. It is on the corner of Stark and Many street. The store was called The Happiness Pursuit. Happiness Pursuit is a rather ironic name considering that it is owned by a phony girl depressed as Poe. She always had her nose in a book, dreaming that she was somewhere else but downtown London. She reeked of judgement and a sense of false security.

My favorite alcohol is whiskey, and they best tasting whiskey is carried by The Happiness Pursuit, the name of the whis...

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...o was sacrifice myself from a beautiful world to sit at home and rot.

Humans need to see that life is worth so much more than what they are living. We all are able to achieve great things, some have taken advantage of what I am doing and achieved nothing. And I know all about it until the day their soul dies.. They are just a shell after that, going until their body gives out on them. Being able to think for yourself is a right, but people make it a privilege when they give up.

The world hates me. They ask me for help and all I can do is drink from the hand of god to keep them alive. I am not god, nor am I anything close to it. But I do know what people want out of the world. And their is a select few that really want something good. To society I am a villain, but if they could only see that I am a hero.

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The bible I took a few verses and stated them

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