`` Like Mexican `` By Gary Soto Essay

`` Like Mexican `` By Gary Soto Essay

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“We all use stereotypes all the time, without knowing it. We have met the enemy of equality, and the enemy is us,” quoted by Annie Murphy Paul, a journalist. Human beings typically have varied mindsets as they grow up with different cultural values as well as social environment. Author Gary Soto’s “Like Mexican” compares his Mexican life with his wife’s Japanese background, while author Deborah Tannen’s “Gender in the Classroom” contrasts the “gender-related styles” of male and female students. From the two perspectives Soto’s and Tannen’s experiences’ give a universal, stereotypical point how different gender tendencies, conversational styles, and cultural background can result in a miscommunication of one’s behavior.

The role of a male is highly unlikely to give sentimental advices to another male friend. In “Like Mexican” Gary Soto’s father and brother did not play an important role in Gary’s decision of marriage. However, Soto’s behavior changed and was able to speak to his best friend Scott about “school and friends and record albums.” Another piece of advice received from his male best friend was “she’s too good for you, so you better not.” (Soto pg. 277,279). At the age of 20, Gary’s father presence did not give much of an impact in Gary’s marriage with his soon to be Japanese wife, Carolyn. Gary Soto’s behavior was also alike when speaking to his Mexican grandmother and mother. A “bad advice and good advice” (Soto pg. 276) from Soto’s grandmother, he will always remember. Then, Soto’s mother left a “well, sure if you want to marry her” trapped in the poor boy’s mind distracting him from “math problems” to “cultural geography.” (Soto pg. 278). Overall, a girl to girl conversation is more compatible and easier for girls t...

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...hat cultural background her students were from (Tannen 286). The two lessons learned were from human misunderstanding and judgement, but soon after were solved by the authors themselves by accomplishing their inner goals.

Author Deborah Tannen’s “Gender in the Classroom” composes a persuasive tone compacted with generalizations with little support behind her claims. Whether we believe Tannen’s experiments and surveys or not she sets a notion of what typical students behave in a classroom. While, author Gary Soto’s “Like Mexican” defies his traditional, Mexican family values; He grew out of the “I was born this way” and came to unconditionally love the girl who also came from a financially, poor family. We can believe and observe a human being, but never would we be able to come up with an official translation to why humans behave in a certain, psychological way.

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