Essay on The Lighting Of A Unity Candle

Essay on The Lighting Of A Unity Candle

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The lighting of a unity candle follows a tradition formally introduced by the church, yet occurs throughout many religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies. It sees the bride and groom have their own taper candles then together they light a pillar candle, symbolising the coming together of two families, becoming one. At the beginning of the ceremony order, often the mothers of the bride and groom light the taper candles representing their family, traditions and wisdom whilst showing acceptance to the individuality of the bride and groom.
Candles can be sourced from multiple in-store and online stores that offer a range of different styles and sizes, depending on the client’s choice. An option is to also get a custom candle made with the wedding details and/or photos of the newly married couple as a treasured keepsake.
Sand Ceremony
The unity sand ceremony sees the newlywed couple pour two or more different coloured sands into a shared vessel symbolising the coming together of their lives; As the sand is poured, it combines creating an impossible task of separating. Allowing the couple to create a new cherished keepsake, that will always be able to remind them of their special day. Gaining popularity in recent years, this ceremony has been around for many years and is believed to have originated from Native Americans or Hawaiians. A way of incorporating other family members into the ceremony may see the significant members pour their own colour of sand creating a sense of family, unity and love, which could be a great way to include children especially allowing them to choose their own coloured sand.
Unlike the typical candle ceremony that is commonly part of traditional wedding, the unity sand ceremony can take part in loca...

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... special way of including the religious guests but most importantly welcome every guest to take a moment to bring their own religion and beliefs into the ceremony in a private, yet meaningful way.
Hand Tying Ceremony (Handfasting)
Hand Tying Ceremonies have been including in traditional wedding ceremonies for centuries but are being incorporating in modern ceremonies, adding a symbolic touch that is slightly out of the box. The ceremony sees the bride and groom’s hands become tied together with their wrists and pulses touching, meanwhile a type of fabric, cloth, rope or symbolic material is tied around to create a ‘knot’. This symbolises the couple are now bound together by their love and commitment to each other. With the main message of “like the cord, which has two individual ends, they are two individuals. Yet, in essence, they are one.” (, 2016)

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