Light of Hope by Thomas Kinkade Essay

Light of Hope by Thomas Kinkade Essay

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The painting Light of Hope is a realistic painting of a light house on the coast of an American shore done by contemporary artist Thomas Kinkade. Thomas Kinkade started his career with his first lithograph, and after some time he realized he was inspired to paint not for the money but from his heart. His main goal became glorifying God and spreading His light. Kinkade grew up in Placerville, California and growing up to be a big family man. Often in his paintings he leaves little symbols representing his wife and children. Over the years he has donated his earned money to different charities and is al crediting God for his ability to paint. His purpose as a painter has been and will continue to share of the light of God (Thomaskinkade).
The content of this painting represents a Christian worldview because of all the symbolism inside the piece. The most predominant image in this painting is the light house, which is also the focal point of the piece. The viewers eyes are first drawn t the clouds in the top right corner of the painter before following the ocean waves to the shore that lead to the light house. A light house has always been a symbol of guidance as it is a beacon that guides sailors safely back to shore. Kinkade uses the light house in this painting to symbolize the love of God. The light house is shining brightly in his picture even though it’s not dark yet. In the same way God will always be a light to those to wish to follow Him. God will always lead us back to him and be a guide for our live. He will make sure that we always survive temptations. As the light house guides the ships out of the storm, God will always guide his people to the promise land.
Also, Kinkade’s painting expresses a Christian worldview throu...

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...s that have gone astray. So that God is our light of hope in the world and because of this we can be a light of hope for others.
In conclusion, Kinkade’s painting Light of Hope is a beautiful piece of artwork. It clearly shows a balance of colors and a pattern that leads the viewer’s eyes to the focal point of the piece that is the light house. The point Kinkade was making is that as the lighthouse is the focal point of the painting, God should be the focal point of our lives. This painting is a great example of how God bestows gifts on people and these gifts can grow into talents such as those if Kinkade’s, which leads to more glory being shown to God.

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