Essay about Light-Bulb Moments

Essay about Light-Bulb Moments

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Understanding new or difficult concepts can be frustrating. Everyone has experienced this at one point or another. Some of these may be times when you were young and just learning to ride a bicycle or learning new words. As you grow older, the ideas that you to attempt to understand become much more complex and abstract. These skills or ideas can take a lot of practice or time spent before you fully understand it. However, there are times when you are struggling to learn a new concept, idea, or skill, where you suddenly figure it out and it makes sense to you; a “light-bulb” moment.
Throughout my life I have attempted to understand many concepts. Some of them I understood right away, while others took me much longer to comprehend. Several times though, I have experienced a light-bulb moment and suddenly understood what I did not understand only moments ago. The sudden sense of accomplishment from such moments is wonderful because not only have you learned a new skill, but you also learned it in a short period of time. The time between learning a skill and experiencing the light-bulb moment where you finally understand it may take a long time, or it may be very brief.
When I began high school I was taking a computer science class. The class presented many difficult concepts, some of which I grasped immediately. Others, such as the concept of object-oriented programming design, took me awhile longer to understand. When the concept was first explained to me during my first semester of computer science, I did not understand it at all. I thought to myself, “I have no idea how to use this, I don’t even know why it useful, oh well, I’ll just ignore it for now.” However, as I continued throughout the class, learning new classes and me...

... middle of paper ... this very well at all. However, as I continued working on my math assignment, I experienced a light-bulb moment. I knew what to do next, and how to do it. This was fantastic; I had gone from not knowing how to do something, to knowing exactly how to do it in only a moment.
Everybody experiences a light-bulb moment at some time or another. Learning a new skill or concept that you don’t understand can be frustrating, nobody likes to do stuff that they don’t know how to do. Yet, if they keep trying, it is possible to go from not knowing how to do something, to knowing how to do it in a very short period of time. While it seems strange that this can happen, and maybe it is, at least you always get to experience the feeling of learning something new. So if you don’t understand something, don’t give up, because hopefully you will soon experience a light-bulb moment.

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