Essay on The Light And Electromagnetic Spectrum

Essay on The Light And Electromagnetic Spectrum

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The Light and Electromagnetic Spectrum both fall in the same category. in order to see the light or notice anything about the electromagnetic spectrum. both of this we use everyday and see everyday and we also feel everybody day without it we wouldn 't have many thing we would have to day.

Electromagnetic spectrum is a list of the most possible range of electromagnetic radiation around us. their many different electromagnetic radiation in the world. for example we got radio radiation, sun 's radiation , microwaves radiation, etc. many of ths radiation have different level of wavelength, energy, frequency, and also different classes. the way the electromagnetic spectrum works is by wavelength. the bigger the wave length the smaller power it have. the small wavelength is the most power it have. for example a radio tower, it haves a wavelength of the size of a football field. that wave meter is 105 and it frequency is 104. this is one of the longest wavelength in the electromagnetic. in the other hand Gamma Ray is one of the shortest wavelength in the electromagnetic but it hav...

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