The Lifespan Cycle Of The Family Life Cycle Essay

The Lifespan Cycle Of The Family Life Cycle Essay

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As we know, the family life cycle refers to different stages of person’s life from childhood to retirement. In each stage, people face challenges in the family life that allow them to build or gain new skills. No one can pass through those stages smoothly and without concerns with financially problems, disease and issues from family members. Rather, the lifespan cycle means people development process from prenatal to late adulthood. The similarities are both of them had physical and mental development, also meet the different challenges in the different stages. What is more, I believe that family members are indispensable element could affect people life, whatever in the family life cycle or the lifespan cycle.
I think the majority of people could go through all of these family life cycle stages. For the minority, may be death and divorce are predominant factors effect their life, it will result in people miss a specific stages of marriage or retirement in advance. However, independence stage is usually process that everyone experienced, like develop from infancy to adolescence. Everyone had growth of physical and mental, we could make decision on how to be good and positive person that live in the world, also decides whether get marry or keep single to live.
About third question, the biggest challenge is transition from independent couple to be a role of parents in the family that I think. In addition, teaching kids how to well live then let them go outside, I believe that it is hard choice and time for middle parents. In the parenting stage, couples making decision to have a baby that they also need make space for the new members in the family, with the joy they also face different challenges. I think couple need ...

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...ctual development and lower skill set scores at kindergarten, they may also have ongoing medical issues and behavioral issues” (Bodeeb, 2015). When teen pregnancy happens, there is no doubt that the majority of teens will drop out from school because of the fear of embarrassment, humiliation from other peers. It will result in the trouble with finance because it is hard to get a good job without any diploma and education of teenage. Financial difficulty may be a big serious issue that put teens in the risky situation because it is expensive to raise a baby. Rather, I think teen pregnancy could result in bad influence on children, such as low nutrition absorbed lead to unbalanced development of children also lead to blindness, deafness even death as compared to kids born to grown up women. Consequently, I think the teen mother is bad choice and shall be skipped.

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