Lifelong Learning And Adult Education Essay

Lifelong Learning And Adult Education Essay

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Lifelong learning and adult education is not just a trend, it is something that has the potential to lower our nation’s health care costs and prolong the quality of life for each and every one of us. In relatively wealthy countries, individuals who have stayed in formal education for longer, and who have gained higher qualifications tend to enjoy better mental and physiological health than their less well-educated counter-parts. (e.g. Burnette & Mui, 1994; Montgomery & Schoon, 1997; Vega Deinstmaier et al., 1999) Education has always been something that we did for ourselves to improve our lives personally as well as the society we are a part of. The idea that adults are not capable of continuing to learn into their golden years is no longer seen as accurate. The more we study the brain, and how we learn and form memories, the more it becomes feasible to continue to improve our lives, decrease our likelihood of depression, and even treat old age diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Educational research into the immediate soft outcomes of learning suggest that learning can develop a number of psychosocial qualities including; self-confidence, self-efficacy, self-understanding, competences, communication skills, civic engagement, and a sense of belonging to a social group. (Hammond, 2004) The simple fact that older people are better educated about health concerns and how their brain functions, leads to them knowing how to better take care of themselves and play an active role in their aging. Because adults tend to engage in learning voluntarily they are also more likely to enjoy the experience and not have the negative emotions and anxiety that may have been tied to education at a younger age. Adult education gives those...

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...crease in the cost of health care for the elderly with these diseases the potential benefits not only to individuals and their families, but to society as a whole is very exciting. The final very interesting thing that the tDCS testing proved was that older adults who had higher educations were able to benefit more from the stimulation that those less educated. Again proof that the more we challenge our brains and continue to learn the easier it is for our brains to keep making stronger connections. Understanding how the brain works and knowing how important this understanding is when working with older adults in education means that amazing changes are coming in the field of adult education. Imagine how being able to improve memory connections in older adults could reduce stress, thus improving mood and sleep and even increasing their level of social activity.

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