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Life Worth Doing Is Easy Essay

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Nothing in life worth doing is easy. In America, an average eighteen year old has been in school for twelve years. Twelve long years of being forced to sit in a desk in a dimly lit room for seven hours a day. Some students take their chances and quit immediately after high school. Entering an unforgiving world and making their own luck. Some students go to a four year university. They spend four years in challenging academic environment, learning an advanced set of skills for their chosen profession. And still, some students go beyond that. Entering a masters, PhD, or medical program. Medical school is often spoken of reverently, or cursed. It’s a symbol of pride for those that survive the grueling four years. Or a great regret for those whose lives are ruined by failure. Interviewed students and medical school graduates have fascinating stories. One student said as the years went by his mental processes became faster and faster. He listened to lectures at double speed, wrote notes and recited them at an almost illegible rate. He flew down country roads at a speed much faster than recommended. Apparently, this is a common side effect of keeping up with the enormous amount of information that is expected to be memorized. Another students said, “It felt like my brain became a shamwow.” Although, for those that survive a great and fulfilling life awaits. An excellent example of this is Dr. John Adams.
Dr. Adams graduated with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree at Nova Southeastern University of College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then did a one year long internship at Palmetto Gen. Hospital in Hialeah Florida. After completing his internship, Dr. Adams received his medical license and moved to Slema Alabama to complete a two-y...

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... involve patients returning for follow-up work one or two years after seeing them with stories of how my work has enabled them to live a life that includes a marked reduction in pain. These stories usually involve a substantial improvement in their quality of life such as being able to play with their children or grandchildren again, return to a career they love, having improved quality of relationship with their spouse, or pursue training for a new career. Unlike the times that I have spent working in the emergency room, hospital, hospice, or ICU; my current job rarely involves life-and-death situations. However, the impact of my current work can be lifelong and rewarding for my patients and their families.” The career of a doctor is difficult. But, for those willing to devote their life to healing, it is one of the most rewarding and satisfying lives one can have.

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