Life Will Always Be Worth Examining Essay

Life Will Always Be Worth Examining Essay

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Every person living life has studied their own existence in some shape or form. Picking apart our own reality is part of who we are as humans, and helps us understand who we are and why we are here. Each person has their own way of getting to some understanding of themselves, which is again, another defining part of who we are. Kurt Vonnegut, a writer who is famous for attempting to explain the unexplained, chose to show one mans story of examining his own reality by having the main character, Billy Pilgrim, be “unstuck” in time. This ability helps him connect why things happen in the future, before he sees them in his own past. Dave Eggars, the writer of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, observes the importance of living life to the fullest, and taking all the chances life gives you and how not doing so might lead you to an unfulfilling life. Both of these works support Socrates’ thought that “the unexamined life if not worth living” from the protagonists point of view of their own existence.
Slaughterhouse- 5 is a novel explaining one mans journey through his life while...

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