Life Was The Unexpected Death Of My Grandmother The Night Before My Step One Exam

Life Was The Unexpected Death Of My Grandmother The Night Before My Step One Exam

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One of the most heartrending moments in my life was the unexpected death of my grandmother the night before my step one exam. She had a long history of smoking with consequent lung, bladder, and eventually ovarian cancer. Sadly, she did not find out about her ovarian cancer until it was too late. Her primary care provider failed to inform her of the results of a CT scan indicative of cancer from a year previous. For me, her story is an omen of a system that needs improvement. A reminder that we must be ever aware as we deal with the vital and intimate concerns of our patient’s lives. My grandmother had endowed me with the opportunity to pursue this career and to know myself as a kind and caring man. She was gone suddenly, too soon to see my success in medicine, but her passing solidified and bolstered my resolve to become a responsible and caring physician.

I headed into college with interests lying in engineering and with a love of aquatic hobbies on and below the ocean’s surface, thus embarking on a medical career seemed like no small undertaking. Little did I know, my pursuit of medicine would take me not only to the crystalline shores of the Caribbean but further still, to stormy London. After years of focusing on engineering, I redirected my love of problem solving and applied science to the more corporeal world of medicine. I wanted a field that would help me to work more directly with people not just equations. My grandparents encouraged me to explore my independence at an early age and such encouragement allowed me to thrive both personally and academically. Over time, my independence and self-sufficient nature drove me to test my limits and explore new opportunities. When my journey led me to Saint Maartin, life was a wh...

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...small extent, without heavy pharmaceutical or surgical intervention is a truly precious thing. Helping arthritic patients walk again, smokers quit, and diabetics attenuate their disease are all day-to-day things that we as physicians can enable patients to achieve.

In my future practice, I wish to operate with a holistic philosophy that strives to merge cutting edge therapies and information with the fundamentals of healthy living and strong doctor-patient relationships. I not only strive to help where I am able, but to empower patients with knowledge and the assistance they need to take an active role in their care. I am eager to learn, pick apart complex problems, and contribute to a skilled team. I hope to find an environment that will empower me with an opportunity to engage and challenge myself to become a more vital and dynamic member of the medical community.

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