Life vs Death and Human vs Nature in Dickinson´s poems Essay

Life vs Death and Human vs Nature in Dickinson´s poems Essay

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Emily Dickinson was an American poet from Massachusetts, who lead a strange but mysterious life. She was a very reluctant woman she stayed in her room and rarely talked to anyone, she had an amazing talent she could write poetry. Emily Dickinson wrote over a thousand poems throughout her life that later after her death were published. Dickinson’s poems were brought to life due to her weird but wonderful use of various literary terms. Majority of Dickinson's poems reflect her lifelong fascination with illness, dying and death. Her poems included lengthy discussion of death by many methods: crucifixion, drowning, hanging, suffocation, freezing, premature burial, shooting, stabbing and guillotining. Dickinson’s poems are now in this day and age characterized by her unusual style and view of the world.
The first Stanza of Dickinson's poem says “After great pain, a feeling comes-” This means the overall feeling of death of a loved one is almost indescribable. A feeling that is upon one where they are almost in a n unresponsive state. Death or life isn't mentioned in this first stanza but, as the poem continues one can infer that Dickinson is talking about life. “great pain” describes the feeling when one looses a loved one. Dickinson also writes about a “formal feeling” or the feeling after the death that one feels for the rest of their lives, like being incomplete. Dickinson continues and writes “The Nerves sit ceremonious like Tombs-” This means the behavior one might practice at a funeral which would relate to “Nerves” sitting ceremoniously. At a funeral there's not much movement, ones is overcome with sadness and the nerves are still like tombs. The third line states that the Heart, which is capitalized is “Stiff” and that it is...

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...ptance of it.
In conclusion, Emily Dickinson's 341st poem includes the themes of life versus death and nature versus man. This poem was the explanation of the feelings one feels at the death of loved ones throughout the three stanzas. Dickinson urges readers not to be caught up in the superficiality of society's attitude and come to terms with the death of others and oneself.
Mikal Hathaway
English 3 Honors
Ms. Lawton
December 1 2013

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