Essay on Life Transition

Essay on Life Transition

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Jane Doe is the strongest person I know. She is my mother. Jane raised my brother and me on her own for most of our teenage years. Jane worked nights as a bartender to support us. When we arrived home from school, Jane was just leaving for work. My brother and I learned great work ethics from her example. Jane was also the strongest person I have ever known in my life. When Jane divorced, she knew that getting remarried was something she had no interest in doing. She just knew that she would take care of herself and her kids on her own no matter what it took. Jane never went to college. She was married right after she graduated from high school and started a family. Jane turned 65 years old this year. This birthday did not come with happiness and joy to Jane. She felt that her life needed to change and now was the time to make it happen, but did not know how.
Jane had many concerns about her age and her job. She has been a bartender for more than 30 years. For the past 17 years she has worked for a sports bar. Many of the clients that came in have been the same customers that Jane has served for the past 17 years. But Jane noticed that her job started to become harder and harder every year. This was due to her getting older and the demands of her job on her body. Jane had to move beer kegs on a daily basis, which was becoming a struggle for her. Being on her feet for 8 hours a day also started to take a toll on her as well. Jane noticed that she was experiencing more pain in her legs and hips by the end of her work day. She also knew that the younger patrons coming into the bar wanted to have a younger bartender waiting on them. The sports bar Jane worked at was going throu...

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...t Jane is going through. Jane has analyzed what she has achieved so far in her life. She has since taken steps to change the areas of her life that left her feeling dissatisfied. Life stages that we transition through during the course of our life play a significant role on how we accept the end of our life.

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