The Life Story of Kevin Carter Essay

The Life Story of Kevin Carter Essay

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This essay is to tell the life story of Kevin Carter, the Famous Pulitzer Prize Photographer and his work. Kevin was born in 13 September 1960 and ended his life 27 July 1994 when he was at a young age when he was 33.

Even though Kevin was descended from English immigrants, Carters was not part of the Afrikaner mainstream who favor apartheid, actually he fight against it which made his life difficult. Kevin's parents Jimmy and Roma are Roman Catholics and accepted apartheid. Yet Kevin questioned it openly and wonder what they can do to change it since he was a teenager. After joining South African Defense Force, where supports apartheid after dropping out of college. He took the side of a black waiter once and then was called a Nigger Lover" and beaten badly by other soldiers . Kevin went absent without leave and became a DJ in Durban in 1980. Returned to SADF to finished his service and leaving the service to work in a camera supply shop, then soon to be a photographer. Kevin began his work as a sports photographer in 1983, but has never stopped fighting against apartheid. Afterward, he moved to the front lines of South African political strife, he aligned himself with some white photojournalists who wanted to expose the brutality of apartheid to record images of repression, anti-apartheid protest and fratricidal violence.

I choose to write about Kevin because he is a talented photographer and admire his spirit. He delegated his life to exposing the brutality of apartheid in South Africa, which was used to be the mission carried by South Africa's black photographers. In addition to that, Kevin also went to war areas in other regions where he thought the world was overlooking. Kevin and his friends risked their lives and sa...

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...rdt, his gesture and facial impression showed how horrifying he was. Unfortunately, there was nothing he can do to change the situation, his fears and hopeless were delivered to the audiences.

Kevin's style is to get close to the scene and then capture it, which immersing the viewers in the natural scene. He used natural lights wisely to make silhouette to simplify or to record details. In addition to catch action-packed shots, Kevin was also able to choose the right angles to emphasis on the objects he wanted. Kevin made limited adjustments to his photos and I really like that. Through his work, the viewers get to explore the true situation in all chaos and abhorrence. Those were not beautiful scenes, yet reflected the real problems in Africa and raised awareness globally because he was able to deliver the raw message and feelings embedded to his audiences

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